The Boat

The boat is new 2009 with the latest safety standards. This is a amphibious coastal landing craft with wheels

The design of this vessel evolved from a US navy craft called “Larc” type vessel which can drive up on hard mud/sand/gravel etc. This boat has a Department of Marine licence and is wide for stability.

It is a Coastal landing craft (amphibious) 48 Passenger / Light Cargo aluminium boat. This is a "Larc" type vessel, which can drive up on hard mud/sand/gravel etc. It has a capable stability book. It is more a sea-based boat than a city river based "Duck". Seats can be removed and can open roof /sides for commercial use.
It was built in 2009 in Tyrrells, Arklow, Ireland. under the supervision of a Government Surveyor, with the latest EU- Irish safety regulations.
It is a Passenger ship operating in a large estuary. It is 38 feet (11.6m) long by 12 feet (3.8m) beam approx. She has six sealed compartments under deck. 
It was designed by Naval Architect – Hugo Van Der Zwan and hydraulics by Marshall Engineering. There is a wheelchair friendly toilet onboard. It is robustly built to a high specification in Marine Grade Aluminium. The drive is hydraulic, with each wheel driven by hydraulic motor. It has a differential lock giving high traction.
It could also be commercially licenced.  It can drive beside a truck to take a pallet to a location on water or an island etc. A crane may be added. Seats can be removed. Roof can be opened. It can be transported by road.


It is a wide vessel which makes it stable and seaworthy.


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