The Trip

Get Away from it All on beautiful recently uninhabited Beginish Island. Walk along the seashore and imagine the different people who lived in the Viking house and on Church Island. It is a relaxing place.

The boat trip is in completely enclosed Valentia Harbour (seasickness not a problem) (See Picture)

The magnificent scenery and features are described from the boat.

Beginish Island: Viking House, overlooks monastic Church Island and tranquil beaches.
Walk along this recently inhabited island and come back refreshed

Valentia Island – coffee, Wine and Dine in picturesque Knightstown fishing village
                        Check out check out 19th century internet Trans-Atlantic cable and
                       Heritage centre full of memrobelia
Environment: Tide / weather allow
                        Birds - Diving Gannets / red leg Black Guillemott
                       Seals colony basking on rocks
                       European SAC
– Local self taught Marine Bilogist Maude Delap 100 years
                        ago helped a University College London study, had a sea anemone named
                        after her Edwardsia delapiae

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